Military dad and child at the zoo

Why OR?

Because you helped Chaplains keep military families emotionally and spiritually healthy, Operation Resolute has been able to host 174 events and serve 5,479 active-duty servicemen and their family members. But the numbers don’t tell you what goes on behind the scenes. They don’t tell you that Chaplain A. had to leave the last hunt early because one of his highly decorated Soldiers committed suicide or that he spent the rest of the weekend comforting a family who had just lost a newborn. They don’t tell you that an agnostic Soldier started meeting with Chaplain C. after a fishing trip and became a believer. They don’t tell you about the Soldier who felt like a complete failure because of marriage problems. He connected with Chaplain M. on the water and is still married today because of ongoing counseling. Finally, they don’t tell you what a senior leader in Special Forces described in his email:

I think what you are doing is fantastic! The rate of divorce among our service members, and especially among special operators, is significantly higher than in the general population. At the pace we expect our Soldiers to operate, often times it is easier to discard a relationship rather than work through the challenges, as any reason why a Soldier can’t perform or deploy is frowned upon. I believe the institution of marriage requires active defensive measures, and it is nice to see an organization like yours taking care of Soldiers and their families.

Jim Garris
Jim Garriss

Veteran Jim Garriss served in the Army and National Guard. He began volunteering with OR when he retired from his hardware business. On Jim’s second hunt, a Chaplain had been unsuccessful in reaching a serviceman who needed marriage counseling, so he invited the Soldier on the hunt to break down barriers. During the weekend, Jim saw the Chaplain and Soldier go back to their trucks to get their gear. They stayed out there talking for over an hour and a half. Jim observed,

“Mission accomplished! I learned firsthand what Operation Resolute was all about. This is why I volunteer.”

Below, Mike Absher of Raleigh, NC shares what Operation Resolute means to him:

There are many tremendously worthwhile ministries that my wife and I would feel great supporting, but we have focused our monthly giving towards Operation Resolute. This is a targeted ministry working to empower, support and sustain Chaplains who serve some of the highest risk active-duty operators in our Armed Forces. The men under their care are truly some or our nation’s greatest warriors and most devoted patriots. Operation Resolute provides a wide range of family-friendly offerings such as a day at the zoo, marriage retreats and weekend fishing or hunting trips. The two-day excursions offer rare chances for chaplains to spend quality time with normally elusive warriors. My wife and I love knowing that the money we give is staying so close to home to better the lives of families who make the ultimate sacrifice every day. Most importantly, we love that it is done in the name of our Lord.

We will kick off 2020 by hosting multiple events for a Special Forces group returning from a difficult overseas deployment. If you want to be a part of serving those who sacrifice, please help us meet our $50,000 year-end goal. Programming expenses are the priority, but If you would like to learn more about our capital campaign to buy property for a home base for all of our events. please visit

Donations can be made Checks made payable to Operation Resolute may be mailed to 3101 Industrial Dr. Ste. 110 Raleigh, NC 27609.