Is Your Dad a Pirate?

To celebrate Month of the Military Child, we are featuring award winning children’s book author and speaker, Tara McClary Reeves. Tara and her husband, Lee, live in Williamsburg, VA with their first-grade daughter, Harrison, and twin college students, Daniel and Caroline. I chose Tara because her experiences as the daughter of a war hero have made her the woman of faith that she is today and given her a passion for serving others.


I first met her father, First Lieutenant Patrick C. “Clebe” McClary III, USMC (Retired) when I was 12 years old and my dad was a coach at the USAFA. He shared the incredible story about his service in Vietnam with the football team and did such a good job that, wherever my parents lived, Dad invited him to come back and share his testimony many times over the next 40 years. More recently, Clebe and Deanna have spoken at a marriage retreat for Operation Resolute. Their marriage continues to inspire this generation’s heroes, and Tara’s mother Deanna has written about their classic love story in her book, Commitment to Love.


The message in Mrs. Reeves’ latest book, Is Your Dad a Pirate? is one that parents or grandparents can use to share with children whose mommies or daddies might look different after returning home from deployment. To hear the true story behind the book in Tara’s own words, click here: Hallmark channel interviewor here: WTVR CBS Channel 6.


Tara’s books, Don’t Tell That to Beasley (coauthored with Christa McClary McElveen), Point Me to Jesus 365 Devotions for Parents and Children, The Pirate and the Firefly, The Knight and the Firefly, and Is Your Dad a Pirate?, are available at To be notified when her new website goes live, sign up at