Hope and Hunting in Hyde County

October has been busy with serving new groups of soldiers on hunting and fishing trips, a sporting clays shoot, and a live and virtual banquet. We want to say a big thank you to Mark Bentley with the Institute of NET for running our virtual banquet, Prime BBQ for an awesome in-person experience, and our volunteers and board members for working hard to plan and execute multiple events this month.

Our schedule is filled for all the deer hunts through 2020. Having the new property to hunt on next month is an answer to prayer to meet the demand for more hunts. After the first two weekends of deer season, a single soldier has already attended a new chaplain’s Bible study for the first time and another soldier has brought his family to Bible study. This would not be as likely to happen without your support.

We are also excited to hear reports about how Army Ranger Jeff Struecker’s testimony is impacting many more as you, our supporters, share the Gospel through the virtual event. Please see the link below if you have not watched  Jeff’s story about facing death without fear during the Battle of Mogadishu.

If you missed out on hearing Jeff Struecker share the story of Black Hawk Down, click here to watch on our website, watch on youtube, or listen and share from Operation Resolute’s FB page.

OR Supporter and Retired Green Beret, William Gregory

“He brought me to OR for a reason, and that reason is to help give hope and healing to others.  And along the way to be a witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you and all the people of OR for what you’re doing to touch the lives of others, sometimes in a very profound way you may not be aware of” –William Gregory

(William’s story of how an OR hunting trip and Chaplain Cottle gave him hope for the future is featured near the beginning of the Virtual Banquet video.)

A soldier and his son take a 6 pt. buck on Saturday’s hunt.

“My ministry goals are to establish relational ties that can be drawn upon during times of crisis or stress. The time spent in discussion around the fire and while we processed meat enabled me to hear from my Soldiers about life, where they come from and where they are.

This weekend helped me establish great relationships that make asking difficult questions about life possible as well as gave us a common bond that we can start conversations with. I truly believe that ministry occurred this weekend and opportunity for ministry will present itself because of the strengthened relationships. I think this will go a long way in future engagements.” –Chaplain Andrew Ames