A Tragic Reminder

This past weekend brought home the need to continue the mission of OR. We had one of our chaplains and some of the operators in his group lined up to go after bull red drum outside of Swan Quarter. This morning we received a note from him saying he needed to cancel due to two tragedies. First, one of his men died in a training exercise. Second, he received word that another warrior had attempted suicide and was in a coma.

This is a snapshot of one chaplain’s weekend. While OR provides hunting and fishing trips, this ministry is not a game. It exists to help our chaplains engage with their people so when a crisis hits, they already have a connection with those they are seeking to serve.

For those of you already supporting the mission, thank you. For those of you who have yet to join the fight, we would welcome your support as we walk with chaplains serving our nation’s Soldiers, Airmen and Marines.

Donate online or mailing a check to Operation Resolute at PO Box 565 Belhaven, NC 27810.