Revisiting the “Why” Chaplains Continue To Be Impacted By Operation Resolute

When the dog days of summer hit, OR gears back a bit on events. The air is heavy. The temps are hot. The fish go deep. There is little use being on the water. But the amazing thing is that even when it seems like little is happening, a lot is going on.

We just received the following note from one of our partnering chaplains who is currently deployed with his Soldiers:


“Hello Sir! Our team is close to wrapping up our trip overseas. I’ve got to say, many of the guys I had with me hunting out at OR are on this deployment. We transitioned the framework of relationships built during a hunt now to combat zones – such a great ministry multiplier. Thanks again to you and the team for all you do for Chaplains and Soldiers! I am bringing a crew out in Nov. for a fishing trip. Great ministry days ahead.”


A trip that occurred in 2022 is still having an impact on the lives of men in a combat zone. I’ve said it so many times that I’ve lost count; it is never about the fishing and hunting. OR is a relationship accelerator that utilizes the outdoors to connect Soldiers to their chaplains so that when difficulties hit, they feel a freedom to reach out for help.

Thanks to all of you who lean into the mission of OR. Even in the middle of summer, your partnership is being used to support Soldiers in far away places.