It Makes A Difference

I have to be honest – There are moments when I wonder if OR is making a difference. After 11 years of leading this organization, I have files full of quotes, pictures, and emails that tell me the work is impactful. The evidence is overwhelming. However, there are days, not many, but more times than I care to admit, when I question how much good OR is doing.  Then it happens… I get another note, another email, another picture from one of our chaplains telling me how an OR event was used for eternal purposes. Take for instance our offshore trip out of Morehead.

You saw we had 17 boats that took approximately 100 Soldiers to the Gulf Stream where they caught mahi, wahoo and even a few marlin. The boats and crew were top notch and the fishing was good. But a few days later, that old question tapped on my shoulder asking, “Did it really make a difference?” Then the answer came.

One of our chaplains shot me an email detailing how he had a deep, substantive, potentially life-changing conversation with one of his Soldiers on the boat ride back. I’ll not go into detail, but as I read the words, I simply thanked God for the chance to serve and for the OR team who selflessly gives time, talent and treasure so the ministry can provide opportunities for our chaplains to serve their people in unique ways.

Know that your partnership makes a difference. Know that there are warriors who stepped away from suicide, whose families are intact and healthy, whose hope was restored, whose faith was placed in Christ because OR was there to help connect them to their chaplain. You were used to make that happen. Thank you.