Happy Independence Day

There are plenty of things to celebrate this 4th of July.
I know every person reading this update is deeply grateful
for our Nation’s Warriors

– who stand at the gate and in the gap –

to preserve the freedoms that every American enjoys.
He here at Operation Resolute we continue to see the impact
of what is going on in this world on the people who serve this Great Nation.

It is an honor to continue to serve and encourage them.

Pray for our Nation.

Pray for our Warriors.

Pray for their Families!

And thank you for giving generously to support them in very practical ways.
Please check out the pictures and updated OR video below.


Building Updates


Thanks to a generous donor, OR has just about completed an arched shed that will house our tractor, trailer and other equipment. In addition, we have begun logging the property to clear the way for the main road into the lodge and the lodge site itself. It’s a huge blessing to log property. This both generates income from the trees taken and clears the way for building.