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Chief Warrant Officer(R) William Gregory
Chief Warrant Officer(R) William Gregory

“It’s been a month since I had the privilege of spending time with you and the guys from Operation Resolute on a Friday night and Saturday hog/deer hunt set up by my battalion chaplain. First of all, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to each of you. Your hospitality was second to none, and the food was absolutely awesome!

The four of us you hosted came to your place as strangers. By the time we left, we had all become friends and buddies. And yes, we share a camaraderie forged in our individual and collective experiences on the battlefield. As the guy over 60, I was the old man in our group. What guys in my business call “gray beards”. But for the grace of God, I would have been dead a long time ago. At least half a dozen times during my career. Many dear comrades and friends of mine are no longer here with us. They paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of their fellow man. I think back to Jesus’ words in John 15:13; greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. I think of those words every day of my life.

I’m one of those guys who has a number of issues going on in my head; what many refer to as post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s something that has been with me for many years, and truth be told, will be there for the rest of my days. I had a recent triggering event prior to spending time with Operation Resolute. That event took me to a very dark place.

A lot of us, especially the gray beards, are hesitant to talk with and open up to others. Whether with our family or comrades. It’s considered to be a sign of weakness…I went to the VA in Fayetteville and spoke with the appropriate medical personnel. When asked, I told them I was considering suicide, and in fact, had a plan in place. It would involve a car and look like an accident. The date was to be October 25th, my deceased mother’s birthday. When I returned to work I went and saw Chaplain C, and we talked for several hours. At the end of our chat, I was feeling better. It was like taking a load off my mind. It was also at that time that he informed me about an opportunity to spend time with Operation Resolute, which ultimately happened.

That day and a half with you guys, out in the woods by myself, allowed for some great self-reflection. To that end, I realized that what I’m going through is just another test from God. He has tested me, and my faith, in many ways over the years. And I’m sure those tests will continue. Beginning with Chaplain C, and then with Operation Resolute, I realized that I’ve still got plenty to live for. And more great moments to share with others. So, thank you and Operation Resolute for being a big part of my healing process. It’s appreciated more than you will ever know.    Chief Warrant Officer(R) William Gregory

A Chaplain's Story (5 minutes)

“From a military side, I’m not sure if people understand how difficult it is to build relationships with Soldiers and how instrumental y’all are in facilitating that. I also don’t think people realize how much these guys are gone away from their families and how much need there is for them to recuperate and rebuild those relationships when they return. Y’all are awesome with all that you’re doing!”

Zach Honeycutt Reserve Chaplain and Executive Coordinator of ACR Cares

We love how Operation Resolute serves those who have served us. By creating spaces where those in the military can have fellowship and quality time with each other and members of their families, OR builds relationships and provides meaningful outlets for those who serve our country.  American Homesmith is a big Operation Resolute fan!”

Cliff Benson III

We had a blast at the Resolute hunt Saturday! The 15-year-old son in my deer stand was amazed at God’s creation out there. His dad is currently deployed to Afghanistan, so the deer hunt was exactly what he needed…short of having his own dad there. Thank you for helping to make it happen for us.”

Ron L.

We wanted to thank you for the incredible weekend at Lake Wateree…Jack and I have served over 48 years combined service to our nation’s warriors and have never experienced such gratitude and humility as we did during the weekend…At every turn, we felt like family, which made it very easy to be ourselves and truly relax- an opportunity rarely afforded in our line of work and service. If restoration and appreciation (were) the overall intent of this endeavor, you succeeded immensely, and we are eternally grateful.”

Scott O.