Raise the Roof Campaign

“So that we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope.”   HEBREWS 6:18

Serves Chaplains, Strengthens Warriors, Sustains Military Families

In 2020, Operation Resolute® bought 430 acres in Hyde County to serve as the ministry hub for our outdoor events. Our focus is now on building The Refuge, a 5800 sq. ft. lodge that will allow us to double the number of active-duty military personnel who attend Operation Resolute® hunting, fishing, and family retreats. The Refuge will give NC service members, their spouses, and children the opportunity to have the spiritual refreshment and physical renewal that they critically need. Not only will these weekends away make a difference, but the ongoing support from chaplains will make an impact on their lives for years to come.

The total cost of The Refuge project is $1,299,200. To date, Operation Resolute has raised $707,000. For more information, contact Chief Executive Officer Joel McDaniel at joel@operationresolute.org.

Consider giving a financial gift to The Refuge so that we can better meet the growing needs of our military families.

Please visit our Raise The Roof Donation Page to contribute to the Operation Resolute Raise the Roof Matching Campaign.

Operation Resolute® began by hosting outdoor events for one chaplain and 37 service members in 2013. We currently serve 26 NC chaplains and have engaged 6,635 service members and their families within the 82nd Airborne, Army Special Forces, Special Operations Command, Special Tactics and USMC.