From our supporters, chaplains, warriors and volunteers


My wife Toni and I support Operation Resolute because military life is very challenging for the service members and their warrior families, and we all can play a role in supporting those families. Working through military chaplains, Operation Resolute provides unique and needed opportunities for our warrior families…opportunities that help them remain whole by bringing mom, dad and the children together in healing ways. Operation Resolute events give Americans a way to participate actively through contributions and volunteering their time and resources.

— Col. (R) Terry Benson, Former Apache Helicopter Battalion Commander


Chaplain Pete Robinson

Our soldiers and families endure multiple combat deployments throughout Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan as well as enduring training events that are held throughout the nation and the world, making reintegration and family time very difficult when they are home.

The Zoo Trip provided an excellent opportunity for our families to spend time together and gave my Unit Ministry Team an opening to spend time with the soldiers and the families at an event that we would not have been able to conduct otherwise…One of the reasons I love doing events with Operation Resolute is because I believe they care about my soldiers and make intentional efforts to care for me and my family. Thanks!

Chaplain Pete Robinson


I strongly believe in their mission. Joel and his volunteers will absolutely take care of you and make sure you have a great time. When called upon, Joel will not hesitate to provide some mentorship. That’s what it’s all about – caring for soldiers.

— Pat Russell SFC(R)


Marti Sparrow

I volunteer for Operation Resolute as a way to honor both my earthly father and my Heavenly Father. My own dad was a physician during the Korean War and was haunted by the lives he could not save, so much so that his depression led him to commit suicide when I was four.

As I look back, I can see God’s hand in my life during tough times, and my prayer is that the soldiers’ experiences at our events will be a “rock of remembrance for them as well. My part is small (cooking homemade foods), but if we provide an experience that can be more than they could ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) physically, mentally and spiritually, then our mission will be accomplished and they will return home the better for it!

— Marti Sparrow, Volunteer