Thankful and Hopeful

Chaplains have kept us busy this fall bringing groups of Soldiers and Airmen out each weekend. The end of September’s hurricane reminded us that mother nature may attempt to thwart what God is doing, but His Faithful Servants answer the call and keep OR on track with the vision He has given. We continue to be grateful for each and every one of you who have joined with this vision and are making things happen through prayer, giving and labor!

What are you thankful for this year? We are thankful for great smiles and deep connections between warriors and chaplains – the connection needed for the proclamation of the Gospel.

What are you hopeful for this next year? We are hopeful to finally break ground on the Refuge Project, our 5800 square foot lodge. As we close 2022, we are close to the financial goal we have set to build. I find myself wandering through the hardware store looking at shovels and praying, eager to see us break ground and begin the project that will allow us to expand ministry impact through chaplains to Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and their families.

Please continue to pray, give, and labor on behalf of the Gospel. These are exciting times to be in the harvest fields.