I am continually reminded…

Saturday night Peter DuBose and I finished up OR’s hunting season with our big military duck hunt. Thanks to Peter’s selfless serving, we hosted eight Soldiers from 3rd Special Forces Group on a pretty good shoot, with several guys bagging their first duck. One unique blessing was seeing a Green Beret who was on our first event we ever did for 3rd Group. I had not seen him in seven years, and he immediately ran up to Kim and me on Friday evening to talk. That was a gift.

However, something happened that highlighted once again the value of OR’s mission. At 3am on Saturday, the chaplain received a call from his command that there had been a death in his battalion. He packed up after only a few hours of sleep and drove back to Ft. Liberty to begin the process of ministering to the family and to his people. He texted me the following night and said it had been a rough day, but he was grateful for Operation Resolute taking care of his Soldiers.

Let’s continue to thank the Lord for the race he has given us to run and let us continue to pray for the chaplains who we have the privilege of serving in the Name of Jesus.

I appreciate y’all running this race with me.